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About Steve T

​Steve T started beekeeping in 2016 as a hobby. As his hives grew, so did his interest in beekeeping. Steve has multiple hives and they continue to grow. Steve T's bees are happy and busy making brood and honey.

A little fact about raw honey...

Raw honey crystallizes! That means it's REAL!

  • Raw honey has two types of sugars - glucose and fructose. The glucose will cause the crystallization.

  • Pollen acts as an element that promotes crystallization.

  • Low water content keeps the honey from fermenting but also causes crystallization.

You can still use the honey!

You can put it directly into your tea or coffee and it will melt in the liquid. If you prefer the smoother honey, let the jar sit in a warm bath of water (about 100 degrees F), on a heater or even on your car dashboard on a sunny day until it de-crystallizes

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